Dr Lez Professional Profile

Dr. Henry delivers various educational/training programmes, specialising in race, ethnicity, diversity, equality, education and black history. Dr Henry is currently delivering Equality & Diversity training/talks for various public and private sector organisations including the NHS. He is also delivering his ‘GOAL MODELS: striving for self excellence’ and ‘GUNS, GANGS FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES’ empowerment programmes on behalf of various Youth Offending Teams, as well as in secondary schools and colleges in Lewisham and other London boroughs. He is a founder member of the National Independent Education Coalition and The Lewisham Black Fathers Support Group and has led study tours to Egypt. He has several written publications including four sole authored books for Learning By Choice Publications. See Publications.

Dr Henry is capable of motivating students of all ages and abilities and one of his strengths is to stimulate  imaginations, thereby engaging students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in the social sciences. This was evidenced in a youth engagement film project ‘Engaging The Youth: We Can Speak For Ourselves,’ where he worked with a cohort of twenty 15 – 21 year olds from various social backgrounds, some of whom were gang affiliated. The project was completed in January 2013 and funded by Lewisham Youth Offending Services, as part of the Home Office Ending Gang and Youth Violence initiative. See link: http://youtu.be/gNdBFY632b4


2011–Present: National Health Service, Surrey & Sussex, Local Medical Committee. Deliver Keynote Talks on Race, Equality & Diversity

2011–March 2014:  Mayor of London’s BME, Capital Men, Mentoring Programme. Lead Trainer: Designed and deliver ed'Train The Trainer' workshops and seminars

2011–Present: St Mathews Academy. Design and deliver empowerment talks

2010Present: National Health Service, Surrey & Sussex, BME Network. Design and deliver workshops on Race, Equality & Diversity. Deliver Keynote Talks

2010–Present: Show Racism The Red Card, Design and deliver Keynote Talks on Race, Equality & Diversity

2010–2011: Ashfield Prison Service. Designed and delivered educational programmes for Young Offenders

2001–Present: Lewisham Black Staff Forum. Conduct research projects. Design and deliver workshops on Race, Equality & Diversity. Deliver Keynote Talks

1999–Present: Barnados. Design and deliver workshops on Race, Equality & Diversity. Deliver Keynote Talks

Community and access initiatives

Dr Henry is a public intellectual engaged in interdisciplinary scholarship and research. In 2005 he decided to focus on developing his community outreach work with Nu-Beyond: Learning By Choice. As such the bulk of his work, funded or otherwise, has been in the public, private and voluntary sectors, where he have organised seminars and conferences, researched, designed and delivered numerous educational interventionist learning programmes and short courses. These include: 

  • ·         2012/13: £10.000, Lewisham Youth Offending Services, Home Office strategy for ‘Ending Gang and Youth Violence.’ Youth Engagement Film Project & 1 day conference.
  • ·         2012: £4,900, Deptford, New Cross, Choose Health: ‘Healthy lifestyles means brighter futures: achieving good physical and mental well being made easy.’ Health seminars and workshop grant.
  • ·         2011 2014.  Lead Trainer, Mayor of London’s BME, Capital Men, Mentoring Programme. Designed and currently deliver 'Train The Trainer' workshops and seminars.
  • ·         2011: £9,950, Awards For All England: ‘We belong together: Bridging the gap between Black fathers and their children,’ Conference and workshop grant.
  • 2011: £9,850, Awards For All England: ‘Breaking Down Barriers: I’m more than a Post Code.’ Youth engagement project.
  • ·         2010: £15.000, Lewisham Council’s Black Staff Forum: Produced a feasibility study/risk review report & 3 Year Work Plan
  • ·         2009: £5,500, Southwark Black Parents Forum: ‘Investigating Identity in The Inner City: A Challenge to Learn’, Key Stages 2 – 4, classroom module.
  • ·         2008–2011: £14,500, Lewisham Challenge Strategy. Equalities and Achievement Programme.
  • ·         2008: £10,000, Awards For All England: ‘Something Inside So Strong’, Family Health Isis,  Mental Well-being Conference.
  • ·         2007: £850, Lewisham Council: ‘When Angels Collide.’, Imole Theatre Play about knife crime,
  • ·         2007: £15,000, Lewisham Council: Abolition 200 Conference, ‘Remembering the Past, Safeguarding The Future.’
  • ·         2006–7: £50,000, Heritage Lottery Fund. Nu-Beyond Summer School Research Project, Tru Reggae Story.
  • ·    2006: £10,000, Awards For All England: Co-founded National Independent Educational Coalition (NIEC). Conference, ‘Stop Blaming The Children!’ Established online learning resource: www.niecoalition.org
  • ·         2005/6: £5,000, Greenwich Education: Goal Models: A Challenge to Learn. School inclusion project.
  • ·         2005: £500, Greenwich Council, Black History Month event, ‘How Black Music Became Urban.’ 
 Under Dr Henry’s guidance Nu-Beyond Ltd completed a Heritage Lottery Funded summer school project, 2006, entitled ‘The Tru Reggae Story, a hidden history’ of Reggae Dancehall Culture in London during the 1970s to 1980s. The research project entailed training a group of 15-17 year olds in research and film making techniques, from which they produced a documentary, an interactive CD Rom, a website and an informational booklet, all of which were exhibited at the Black Cultural Archives in London from October 2006 – January 2007.