Dr Lez in ACTION!

Dr Lez celebrates Jamaica 50 @ The Jamaican High Commission 23/10/12, featuring extracts from his books CARRY-BEYOND REFLECTIONS: An Audiography by Lezlee Lyrix & WHAT THE DEEJAY SAID: a critique from the street! - http://youtu.be/3KvrENfuT20

Please check out the excerpt from the discussion with Dr Lez Henry & Sis Shantelle George at the Performing Black Bodies in White Spaces, Images of Black Women Film Festival and Black History Walks at the Peckham Plex, London, Sat 13th October 2012. We give thanks to Bro Jide for the footage from what was a very good event. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Lez-Henry/2460

Check out this tune by Lezlee Lyrix on the landmark Guilty verdict in the Stephen Lawrence case on the 187 rythm http://youtu.be/x-O2BpwtnHs
Guilty at Last - Stephen Lawrence Lyric by Dr Lez Lyrix and Bro Gus on the camera phone, somewhere in The Gambia in Jan 2012. Chatted some of it at the Ariwa, Back to Africa Festival but here is the fullness: Click link: http://youtu.be/cYU0g3tUvbs
Please check out the link to hear Dr Lez Henry discussing knife crime on Vanessa Feltz Show BBC London Dec 2nd 2011: http://youtu.be/r_e73FM1uyg

 Dr Lez interviews re Summer 2011 riots:
Breakfast Show with Bonsu & Juju on Colourful Radio: http://www.colourfulradio.com/weekday/
VoxAfrica TV Channel, 'Shoot The Messenger'Henr nry Bonsu,Sky Channel 218 and on satellite in Africa: http://www.voxafrica.co.uk/stm/
Dr Lez on The Big Questions, Sunday 8th May, BBC1, discussing religion on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-G9ST8_ecw
Dr Lez Henry speaking at the Patrice Lumumba 50th event click here

Dr Lez speaks on Whiteness, history and identity, in the New Testament Church of God. Click links below:


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